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Hello & Welcome to My Site.  My name is SiStaR Eye Am (Rachel Campbell), and Eye am the Founder, Owner & CEO of 7 Elements Body Shop.

I am an Energy Healer, and Eye specialize on raising the vibrational energy frequencies of the human body for body|mind|spirit healing, and energy performance enhancement.

My 30-year extensive research is being brought to the Universal Minds of humanity, to re-connect us back to nature, to achieve optimal well-being.

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Our Story

7 Elements Body Shop is the daughter company of 7 Elements "Cultural" Research & Training Institute.  Here at 7 Elements Body Shop, we focus on re-fueling and re-energizing the human body's energy and metabolism system.

As a "Cultural" Research & Training Institute, we serve as "expert" ambassadors of the Copper Communities, by bringing scientific research data to communities, validating the biological differences between peoples, and disseminating said information to the public.  We serve as "Expert Chefs," who use nature's finest ingredients to formulate food, cosmetics, hygiene, and personal care products, to combat nutritional deficiencies of the skin and within the human body.

Here at 7 Elements Body Shop, we provide an array of services and products, which cater to the specific needs of melanated people.  This entity is the world's "Futuristic" Solution! Our products are proprietary blended with ALL natural ingredients, to serve the purpose of combating food scarcity, fighting nutritional deficiencies, improve skin, face, and hair conditions, and to prevent premature aging. 

Products range from aromatherapy candles, food, beverages, soap, body wash, shampoo, body powder, all- purpose wipes, deodorant, lotion bars, bath bombs, and more!


I'm here to help you achieve healthy hair and skin, to maintain a healthy gut, and to help you help yourself heal from life's past and present traumas. Let's connect.....Whether through a consultation or the purchase of products! Let's connect!


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